C2 Market Maker Architecture

The C2 Market Maker ecosystem includes a comprehensive range of proprietary software components and seamless integrations with third-party tools and services. These are meticulously optimized to synergistically form a robust architecture, capable of accommodating all essential use cases for market makers and arbitrageurs.

Principal Market Maker Architecture

  • Configurator: a web application for configuring trading instruments, market data connectors, trade connectors, and account balance notifications.
  • TimeBasea high-performance streaming time-series database developed by Deltix.
  • TimeBase Administrator: helps you manage and monitor all data stored within the TimeBase database. Monitor historical and live data, view and manage data streams, and much more.
  • Execution Server (also known as "Ember"): a low latency real-time event processing transaction framework. Ember can also be used as an algo execution framework, FIX gateway, and trading service for executing manual orders and orders generated by trading strategies.
  • Ember Monitor: tracks system telemetries, manual and algo orders executions, and existing trading sessions. Use it to configure custom risk rules at a strategy level and much more.
  • Aggregator: collects and stores market data from different exchanges into TimeBase.
  • Supported exchanges.