Market Making

Market Maker is a special product addressing the needs of market makers and arbitrageurs. 

CryptoCortex Market Maker Functionality

  • Trading multiple instruments on numerous exchanges
  • Access to liquidity pools that generate real trade volume
  • Execution of market-making and/or price arbitrage including simple linear and triangular cases
  • Intuitive Web front-end for configuring, running, and monitoring of trading bots
  • Flexible pricing engine price for quotes management
  • Risk limits at trading bot level, currency/asset level, and system level
  • Highly customizable configurator for hedging logic 
  • Real-time monitoring of trading statistics, including day trading volume, open volume on the market, P&L
  • Notification service for trading alerts
  • Trade Reports and Wallet Balance Monitor
  • REST/WS API for programmatic management of trading bots and risk rules
  • Perform market screening and creation/management of multiple trading bots on-the-fly
  • Extremely short time to market in Amazon AWS

In Market Maker trading application it is possible to create, configure and run trading algorithms (bots),
monitor trading and execution activity, get trade reports, track system alerts, display external venue balances, configure risk and hedging, manage users' access rights and perform system maintenance procedures.

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