Auto Hedging

Our highly customizable hedging configurator is designed to satisfy even the most demanding logic. You can configure hedging on the trading bot and currency/asset levels.

Hedging on a Trading Bot Level

In the Market Maker trading application, it is possible to create, configure and run trading algorithms (bots). The trading application interface is divided into several logical sections, each responsible for specific functionality. In the Hedger section, you can set up your custom hedging logic.

Use Hedger parameters to specify triggering conditions to run auto-hedging. In this section, you can specify hedging instruments, a list of exchanges to execute hedge orders, a hedging strategy (method of calculating hedge order price), and other parameters for a hedging strategy. For example, setting the Position Max/Normal Size parameter allows the trading bot to trigger an auto-hedging algorithm to reduce the current position size if the preset maximum value has been reached. 

Market Maker Hedger section


Hedging on a Currency/Asset Level

On the Risk/Hedge page of the Market Maker, you can configure auto-hedge logic on the currency/asset level.

Similar to the Trading level, the Risk/Hedge section is divided into several logical parts, each responsible for specific functionality. Use Hedger parameters to specify triggering conditions and execution parameters of the hedging algorithm. Logic and parameters are similar to the Trading section.

MM Risks/Hedge page - Hedger


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