Alerts and Reports

Market Maker allows configuring email alerts and notifications. The trading screen offers several monitoring tools for users to track current orders, order executions, and system alerts. You can also use Trade Reports and Wallet Balance Monitor.

In the controls pane above the Bots section, it is possible to toggle on/off any of the monitoring tools.

Market Maker Alerts

In the Alerts section, you can review all system alerts. You can filter results by the alert type and date range.

MM Alerts page

Reports Page

On the Reports page, you can generate a trade report for the specified time period. Just specify the desired trading period and click the Download button to get a zipped trade report in CSV format.

Report fields are Timestamp (in UTC time zone), Algo Id, Symbol, Exchange, Account, Order Id, Type of the order (Limit, Market, Stop, Stop/Limit), Limit Price, Average Price, Total Execute Quantity, Remaining Quantity, Trade Price, Order side: BUY or SELL, Trade Date, etc.

Balances Page

On the Balances page, you can view current balances for all your accounts. You can also use this section to specify alert rules. Results displayed on this page depend on existing Connectors (balance readers) defined in the Universe Configurator. Balance refresh intervals can also be set in the Universe Configurator. 

Balance alerts and notifications are distributed by e-mail. You can configure email notifications in Universe Configurator. Here is an alert example:

Time: 2020-06-10 15:03:47.165
Alert Level: INFO
Algo Id:  
Action: Balance Notification
Description: Balance for BTC on COINBASE is 53.77258399

Time: 2020-06-10 15:04:23.224
Alert Level: INFO
Algo Id:  
Action: Balance Notification
Description: Balance for BTC on KRAKEN is 0.00337355

Algorithm: [EMAIL]
E-mail Send Time: [UTC: 2020-06-10 15:04:47]


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