Risk Limits

Set up risk limits at the trading bot, currency/asset, and system levels.

Trading Bot Level

In the Market Maker trading application, it is possible to create, configure and run trading algorithms (bots). The trading application interface is divided into several logical sections, each responsible for specific functionality. Use parameters in the Risk Limits section to specify the maximum long/short exposure of your trading bots. Optional parameters in this section allow specifying the maximum day loss acceptable for trading bots and the minimum time to keep quoting orders on the market.

Market Maker Risk Limits bot section


Currency/Asset Level

In the Market Maker Risks/Hedge section, you can configure maximum exposure limits and/or auto-hedge logic per currency/asset. It is possible to configure risk settings for a specific currency/asset for the entire server or limit the scope to a particular algo or exchange.

MM Risks/Hedge page - Risk Limits


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